What are the advantages of qualitative research?

Some of the advantages of qualitative research are as follows:

  • It enables more complex aspects of a persons experience to be studied
  • Fewer restriction or assumptions are placed on the data to be collected. ¬†For example, if I measure depression by asking ten 1-7 scale questions, I can only collect data on these ten things I’m asking about
  • Not everything can be quantified, or quantified easily, and an advantage of qualitative research is that it can investigate these things (for example, individual experiences)
  • Individuals can be studied in more depth
  • Because fewer assumptions are placed on the thing being studied it is great for exploratory research and hypothesis generation
  • The participants are able to provide data in their own words and in their own way

11 thoughts on “What are the advantages of qualitative research?

  1. My question is in regard to ABA research methods. Here’s the scenario; Sara, a 14-year-old girl with severe developmental delays who exhibits self-injurious behavior. The self-injurious behaviors include pulling her hair, biting her arm and banging her head against the wall. What type of research design would an ABA professional employ when working with Sara? I considered ABAB research method, but got confused. Please help ASAP!!!

    1. JJ,

      Sorry, but I don’t feel comfortable commenting on that — please consult a qualified specialist instead.

      Good luck

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