Free course by Jay Uhdinger: Success does not equal happiness

Jay Uhdinger of the appropriately named has put together a free course on meditation and CBT.

The course is called Success != Happiness and covers techniques to help you gain greater control over your emotions and ultimately more happiness. Everything in Jay’s course is fully supported by research. CBT is widely used in psychotherapy these days and focuses on the idea that your emotions are closely linked to your thoughts, and by changing your thoughts, you change how you feel. Mindfulness has more recently caught the interest of researchers and has been linked with all kinds of positive things, including more happiness and increased cognitive function.

The good thing about Jay’s course, apart from it being 100% completely free, is that it is so well put together. The lessons are in both theory and practice, which I like. By understanding the aims and means of each section, you don’t have to take the practical tips on blind faith and you have a better idea of why you’re doing what you’re doing. And the animations are really cool and high quality.

I hope you’ll go check out the course, click below to give it a try:

Jay Uhdinger’s Success does not equal happiness

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