Research Methods Quiz 1 – Study Design

Some great questions for you here on the topic of study design. Getting the study design wrong from the start can be a terrible waste of time and money. Sometimes flaws in study design are unavoidable, but the researchers decided to conduct the study anyway. In cases like these, you need to be able to recognise the little flaws and understand how and why they bring the results into question.

These are all issues you should learn to look out for in journal papers. The better you get at this, the better your understanding will be, and the better your work will be because you’ll be more confident in criticising published work.

I have cover research methods in depth in my book, and also provide a critical questions list that you can use to go through papers step-by-step, finding the flaws in the data to help you understand the material better. Click here for more information and to purchase.

Now, on with the quiz!


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