Star Trek will become a reality by 2050, says man who channels spirits

In the video below, I present to you Darryl Anka, a self-help/sprituality guru who is pretty popular on YouTube and has a few products out. Many people actually believe that Anka is able to channel the spirit of a being called “Bashar” who lives in some other dimension, and that this Bashar will turn our world into Star Trek. Again, this is not a joke — people actually believe this stuff. Below is a video of Anka being interviewed about all this stuff in full character:

Bashar tells us, through Anka, that he lives in a star system called “Sha” which is invisible to our dimension unless we make a vibrational shift of the same kind that allows Bashar to speak through Anka. However, 300 years in the future, we apparently all make this shift, because Bashar explains that the Earth is then part of the same interstellar alliance to which his species belong. Hmm, you could even say, it’s sort of like a federation… yes a federation… of different planets… all of which are united…

Anyway, by that time we’ve created world peace, done away with national borders and we solved the energy crisis by tapping directly into the Earth’s electro-magnetheoric field (electro what? Skip to 4:50)

We’ll see lot of progress to this end by the years 2025-2033, and by 2050 we’ll, and I quote, “have made enough changes so as to truly be functioning as a full-fledged member of the interstellar alliance.” Nice!

Although it might seem like Bashar is coming back in order to help Darryl Anka become an incredibly successful self-help guru, he’s actually doing so to help us make the transition into this interstellar alliance (guess they don’t have a prime directive where they come from). Presumably he tried to channel into the president of the USA or a media mogul first, and it didn’t work, so he found the second best way to spread the word — an entrepreneur.

Although it might seem like this is all just the elaborate scam of a techno-utopian fantasist , I think it’s most likely that this is all just the elaborate scam of a techno-utopian fantasist. In addition to his channeling job, Anka is a visual effects artist and has worked on Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek: Nemesis, I Robot, The Time Machine, Red Planet, and the Project U.F.O. TV series. Also some non-sci-fi stuff too. Here’s his impressive IMDB page.

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  • drew says:

    Hope so star trek becomes a reality, I was thinking of the medical advancement, and so many lives that might become happier by overcoming their disabilities due to the gift of science and technology.

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