Self-help guru channels an alien being from another dimension to talk about Star Trek.

In the last post about this I suggested that Darryl Anka is a not, in fact, a man able to channel alien spirits, but a techno-utopian fantasist who put his vivid imagination to work in making money for him. He’s even worked on a few Star Trek movies as a visual effects artist.

Also, remember that alien being, Bashar, from another dimension that Darryl is able to channel? Guess what? It’s also a Trekkie! What are the odds?

I wonder whether Darryl got Bashar into Star Trek? Or maybe Bashar the Alien deliberately sought out someone who was a trekkie because they’d be more open to contact from alien life forms. This is a moot point, of course, since all of this is bullshit.

Here’s Anka, channelling the alien being from another dimension, Bashar, talking about Star Trek. You can tell that he truly is channeling an alien spirit, because he talks in a funny voice, puts his fingers together and starts rolling his ‘r’s.

Again, I need to stress here, that this isn’t a parody – people actually see this and actually believe this is real, that an alien really is talking through him.

Brace yourself. Things are about to get weird:

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