How to start a movement in three minutes

Here’s a fascinating little video about how the “lone nut” becomes a leader.  We often think of leaders as being the key points to the creation of a movement, but Derek Sivers here argues it’s the followers that matter – without them, you’re still just the lone nut!  Some interesting ideas here about conformity and group behaviour – most people like to remain with the crowd, so once enough people get involved in the movement, you reach the tipping point where these people are suddenly less comfortable not being part of the movement, and will run to join you (literally run, in the example in the video!).

Have a look, only three minutes long:

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  • Paul says:

    Bah, bah… People are sheep looking for a shepherd to tell them what to do. You only need to look at the recent past and wonder at what the most insignificant “lone nut” can achieve.

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