Psychology study guide

Do you want to spend less time studying but end up with better grades, and a deeper understanding of the subject?

Studying psychology is a skill that can be learned. In this unique and practical ‘how to’ guide, Warren Davies offers some simple techniques that will enable students to retain information, organise their workload, and be more productive. By applying some simple and easy-to-make changes to your study habits, you will learn how to:

    • Get more work done in less time
    • Use memory techniques to help you breeze through exams
    • Beat procrastination
    • Develop a deep grasp of difficult topics
    • Write excellent essays (including how to avoid the seven most common essay errors)
    • Cut your study time in half
    • Understand the ‘results’ section of research papers
    • Write a dissertation to publishable standard.

This book is written specifically with psychology undergraduate students in mind, and as such will enhance your learning and improve your grades with techniques that actually work.


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