The 28 best psychology blogs on the internet, organised by topic

Here are the best blogs in each of the following respective areas, according to me.

There are some sub-fields I know nothing about (clinical topics mainly), so this list is not comprehensive in that regard.

I’ll update this as time goes by. Feel free to repost this on your own website to spread the word about these excellent resources.

General Psychology Blogs

PsyBlog – Jeremy Dean at the top of the list, as it should be.

Research Digest – The BPS Research Digest is a superb resource, for students, researchers and people with a general interest in psychology. Christian Jarrett has done a great job with this. – A great psychology blog written by a handsome, accomplished, and modest psychology student (i.e., me).

PsychFutures Blog – By psych students, for psych students. You can sign up and make a contribution yourself!

Social Psychology

Social Psychology Eye – Blog of the Social & Personality Psychology Compass; some brilliant articles in here.

Situationist – How “the situation” influences our behaviour.

What Makes Them Click by Susan Weinschenk – A blog about understanding people. The ‘100 things you should know about people’ series is fantastic, I wish I’d thought of it first!

Exercise Psychology

Physical Exercise and Psychology Blog – Not that well known, and has been quiet for a while, but Sean Webster has some good posts and links on here about the cross-over between psych and physical exercise.

Neuroscience / Cognitive Science

Neurocritic – A pleasingly critical look at Neuroscience and related fields

Neuronarrative – No list of psych blogs is complete without David DiSalvo’s Neuronarrative.

Neurophilosophy – Good stuff here on all aspects of neuroscience.

Neuroconscience – Brain plasticity particularly in relation to media and technology use.

The Mouse Trap – Great stuff from Sandy, you’ll find some general posts on psychology with a preference towards neuroscience, and a recent interest in positive psychology too!

Mind Hacks – Big, popular, successful, long-lasting, accessible – it’s Mind Hacks!

Cognitive Daily – Sadly, Cognitive couple Greta and Dave closed shop in Jan 2010, but the archives are still up and valuable.


Frontier psychiatrist – Mental illness for the masses!

Psychotherapy Brown Bag – Absolutely fantastic blog, even if psychotherapy isn’t your bag. Lot’s in here on the right way to think as a scientific psychologist, critical thinking etc. Well worth reading if you’re a psych student.

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology News Daily – The best positive psychology site on the web, written mostly by current and former MAPP students.

Curious – Todd Kashdan’s interesting blog. Check it out if you’re curious.

The Good Life – The Psychology Today blog of Christopher Peterson, sports fan and VIA strengths co-founder.

The Meaning in Life – Michael Steger’s blog, more focus on meaning, as you might have guessed.


Influence PEOPLE – Brian Ahern’s excellent ethical persuasion blog. Also his podcasts are here.

Persuasion Theory – Matt Fox’s blog focuses the science of persuasion into various applications, mainly marketing. Lot’s of practical tips here.


Jena Pincott – Author Jena Pincott’s interesting and sometimes cheeky blog.

Dr Petra – More focus on sex education and policy issues here. Thoughtful stuff.

Critical Thinking

Bad Science – Ben Goldacre’s site. Not a psychology site actually, but if you’re a psychology student you should immediately subscribe to Ben’s blog and let his critical attitude rub off on you through the power of web-osmosis.


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